Saltwater Classic 2010
Sunday 18th  began cool and windy - how strange for Stansbury.  Though the site and set up were not as expected, we decided to put on the best show we could and as soon as the tiny tent was up, we got ourselves into gear.

The sun came out and the wind dropped and a crowd started to appear.  The beautiful traction engines chuffed and puffed and covered us with soot, but we continued demonstrating and promoting our charity - Can Do 4 Kids.

Neil Schultz was on hand to keep us all behaving ourselves and cracking the whip for Bob Petts & Joe Guerrero on Lathes, Don Blythman, Sylvia Guerrero and Graham Nicolle on Scroll Saws, Pam Blythman and Lee Nicolle doing Pyrography and our Carvers John Vayne and Bryan Salter.

Much interest was shown in our work and some club members came along to see us, notably Colin Morris and Les Adams who did not let health problems stop them showing their support.  Thank you boys.

By the end of the day we felt happy and satisfied with our efforts and the bonus was raising $120.00 for Can Do 4 Kids by selling the wooden boats we had made.
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