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Thursday 8 September - special guest speaker: Michael Schriver
Michael Schriever - a life's worth of woodcarvings.
Born in Victoria, started carving by chance as a young man in London. Self taught, he has  expressed his innate talent in sculptures of great detail that now are in private collections around the world.
Horses, colour highlighted with spirits
2m wide

335 figures in gallery
carved then painted - an old German technique.
1m x 400mm

Musicians   1m wide
English Lime

Panning the Gold    1.2m

Last Supper      1.5m   1973

Negro in Chains    1m
"Lord my bloon is red"
Apartheid era inspired work

Shearing the Rams    1m
Christ           1.7m
bronze; mahogany shroud
365 rays

Diana (huntress) & child       1971
Madonna & child      1974
stone; African Walnut surround

life size; from photo

bronze        1990
lost wax process
"the other students arrived with models of door knobs"

Creation of Man    1968 (London)
Bust of Michael's (bushman) father 
Now that's a mallet!
And thank you Michael.