MBA Building & Home
Improvement Show
Woodgroup SA Gallery
July 15 - July 17

Gawler Show
Northern Turners Display
Aug 27 - Aug 28

Wood Revisited
Port Adelaide Exhibition
1st Oct - 16 Oct

Home Show & Garden Show
Northern Turners Gallery
Oct 7 - Oct 9

Demonstration Workshop
Ken Wraight
Nov 5th - Nov 6th 2016

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A Saturday morning at Northern Turners ...  members setting up their projects ... The purr of several lathes, interrupted by a snarl or two as tool meets wood or the whine of someone cutting a blank on a bandsaw.  At the back, the scent of fresh-cut wood mixes with the aroma of coffee where others stand and chat about their successes or failures or admire the quality of someone's 'show and tell' article.

Northern Turners has a diverse range of members ranging from experienced wood tradesmen to salesmen, doctors, nurses ... all who enjoy the challenge of turning wood in all its forms.   Some are beginners; others have learnt much over the years from the help of other members, the weekly demonstrations and the workshops by professional turners. 

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