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We meet three times each month, the main meeting being held on the fourth Saturday of the month.  These meetings are largely practical in nature, with each meeting having a planned demonstration on some theme of woodturning.  All members are then encouraged to 'have a go' at the aspect being demonstrated.  All meetings start at 9:30am and run until to 1:30pm.

The meeting on the third Saturday of the month has a greater emphasis on teaching skills to newer and less confident turners. This is a smaller group, providing ready access to the number of lathes.  The stated priority for involvement with this group is that all members will bring their tools and be physically involved in turning activities.

The second Saturday meeting has operated since 2013.  It is project-based, with all members working on a similar project so that different approaches can be highlighted.  Each meeting will decide on the project for the next month and details will be publicised in "Turnout".

Some members choose to be involved with one or two Saturday activities, while others will attend all three. Regardless of the Saturdays attended, all members are full members of the Northern Turners and are entitled to all activities offered by the club.

Northern Turners began in 1993 as a Special Interest Group of Woodgroup SA. We are now an incorporated body in our own right and a member club of Woodgroup SA Inc.

Members of Northern Turners strive for excellence in all aspects of Woodturning; be it spindle or faceplate, plain or decorative. Members range from novice to professional woodturners. Members are encouraged to involve themselves in all aspects of the club including exhibitions and demonstrations.

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