A demonstration is given at each meeting, after which members are encouraged to try their hand at it.  Further pointers from the more experienced help to remind beginners of what they might have missed or forgotten.

Here, Chief Demonstrator, Ron Allen, explains the basics of egg production.  Ron was a Tech studies teacher for 37 years and has taught wood turning for some 22 years.   He livens his talks with tips he has learned over the years, turning pieces for sale, and he impresses his audience by accurately measuring an internal depth with a finger or taking off just the right amount with a single cut. 

Demonstrations are usually planned three months ahead, in consultation with members, so that they are relevant and timely. 

The current program is published - see 'Program' (below) so that members can bring appropriate wood and tools.  Where possible, an article in Turnout precedes the demonstration so that members can carry out other research and generally prepare for the lesson.

Northern Turners numbers several professionals and experienced amateurs amongst its members.

Someone is always available to answer a question or help solve a member's problem
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