This page presents some of our members' work - click on images to see a largersize
Shallow bowl - Huon Pine
Dennis Murray

Bowl with Acrylic Insert
Huon Pine  -  Dale Starr
Hand Mirror - Blackwood
Anne Kerr

Bowl - Black Heart Sasafras
Dale Starr

'Double Helix'
New Guinea Rosewood
Dale Starr
Potpouri Bowl
Anne Kerr

'Geological Strata'
Holm / Evergreen Oak
Peter Nitschke

'Holey Bowl'
River Redgum Burl
Peter Nitschke

Frilled Bowl
Huon Pine
Dale Starr

Sunset in the Outback
Holm / Evergreen Oak
Peter Nitschke

Carved two-segment Bowl
Brown Gum Burl
Greg Jackson

Deep Bowl or Display
River Red Gum
Greg Jackson

Roll Top Bowl  -  Coachwood
Graham Vawser

Laminated Platter Recycled drainboard   Graham Vawser
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Square Bowl
John Girdler

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Northern Turners
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